FFA Events

Upcoming FFA Events:

Delphi FFA: August 2017 


Aug. 9th Pork Chop Supper: Old Settlers Tent 
5 to 8pm Cost $10
Aug. 11th FFA Meeting
Aug. 19th Camden Pulls
Aug. 26th Summers End Fest (R'ville)
Aug. 30th Farm Progress Show 

Cole Pearson; State FFA Treasurer!




Delphi FFA Chapter Officers 2017


President: Trent Green

Vice-Presidents: Cassy Hart

Wyatt Snider

Secretary: Max Kender

Treasurer: John Beale

Reporter: Haley Smith

Social Media: Kate-Lynn Bennet

Sentinel: Jonas Brown


President: Gabe Wilson

Vice-President: Bryant Mays

Secretary: Katie Stanely

Treasurer: Ethan Randle

Reporter: James Stephenson

Sentinel: Lydia Hensley

January 16th, Chapter Appreciation Dinner!

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What are our Students doing? Check this out:




American Degree recipients 2016:

Adam Shanks
Carl Christiansen
Noah Rider
Melanie Johns
Adam Zink
Kolt Kinsler
Brayton Slifer

Hoosier Degree 2017:

John M. Beale
Trent Green
Haley Smith

State Winning Proficiencies:

Cole Pearson; Outdoor Recreation

District Officer:

John M. Beale District V. Teasurer

All Members:  
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 Indiana FFA page: http://www.inffa.org/

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